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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Coach K's a believer

Driving around in my car this afternoon I heard a soundbite from Coach K that almost made me swerve off the road. I heard it on Milwaukee's AM 1250 WSSP ("Home of The Bucks Postgame Show -- beginning immediately after the conclusion of each Bucks game").

He was speaking about Bucks SG Michael Redd. He said, as I recall, "I think he's done a great job for us over the last two games. I've talked to him and told him, if he wants to reach the elite level in the NBA he has to make a consistent effort to get his teammates involved. He's done a good job of that."

If you recall, those words are nearly identical to the ones I wrote yesterday and have been preaching for a long time. Now granted, the same thing has been said of great shooting guards in the past (Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, etc). But just the same, could Coach K be a reader of Mke Bucks Diary? Well, as Dean Wormer's wife said to Otter, "Aaahh... doubtful. Very doubtful."

But I'm going to hold onto that dream.

Apparently Coach K's no fashionista, either

I was going to use this blurb to prop Coach K for his forward fashion. I noticed during the Spurs game he wore brown shoes with his suit. I have these brown shoes I love, but I can't get away wearing them with my suits because my girlfriend thinks its the ugliest look she's ever seen. So I am stuck wearing black wingtips (I have no individual style sense whatsoever, so I always defer to her -- unless she makes comments like "Every guy should wear Prada." Then I get off that metrosexual boat.)

You can imagine my excitement when I saw the 'brown shoe' look on Kristo during his Bradley Center inaugural game. Was he setting a new trend for BucksNation to follow? Like when President Kennedy went to his inauguration hatless? I even had a name for it... "The Montana Look".

Then my balloon burst when I heard his wife Jan on Milwaukee's ESPN Radio's "The D List". The voices of the show were ribbing her about Coach K's utter lack of fashion sense ("There's no G or Q in Krystkowiak, is there?...huh, huh, huh"). Jan laughed in agreement and said something like "I've been after him for years about that... but he has a great response -- You can't polish a turd."

Indeed, you cannot. Well, I guess its wingtips, then. I notice Coach K's back to that look anyway (see above photo).


At March 21, 2007 at 12:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't remember who found that the best coaching changes record-wise came with a change in personality and maybe philosophy too (ie not Porter to Stotts, nice guy to nice guy). Hope it carries over to next year and the rookie they draft, and doesn't wear off in the last 15 games this year; making them touch the lines on sprints, claiming he'll play the guys who play D and make the extra pass, etc.

-most ignored frequent reader, I know I post drunk half the time but jeesh you indulge yourself too, lase

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