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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bucks Diary's 20 Spins (with a twist)

With the Bucks loss, er, win against the Hawks last night, they have managed to make the race for the third worst record in the Association interesting. Nothing is easy in BucksNation, so I anticipated that tanking the final weeks would not be either. Alas, thanks to the Bulls, Cleveland has something to play for in their last game, so I think the Bucks are still safe in the third spot.

But will it matter? My latest game of 20 Spins, and my first one on the new souped-up ESPN Lottery Generator, produced, basically, the same old depressing results. 65% of my spins fell below the third spot, and only 25% fell in the money picks. The most frequent results were the fourth and fifth picks (30% each).

This time, however, I also kept track of the winners of each of my spins (I list them below). Memphis won 5 times, as it should be. But, as you can also see, the Hawks, Timberwolves, Kings, Blazers, and THE BULLS (Holy Shit if they won, look out!!) all "won" my lottery spins as many times as our Milwaukee Bucks did (twice each). And the Celtics, for all their blatant tank jobs (what the hell was Al Jefferson suddenly doing back in the lineup last night? And Bill Simmons cried about how Milwaukee was tanking!!), won no more of my spins than any of the above.

Spin Winners (by number of wins)

5 wins: Memphis
2 wins: Bucks, Atlanta, Boston, Sacramento, Chicago, Portland, Minnesota
1 win: Seattle


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