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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bucks have the third spot

Atlanta's offensive explosion last night against the declining Indiana Pacers rendered tonight's Bucks finale at Cleveland meaningless from Milwaukee's standpoint. The Bucks have finally sewn up the race for third worst. In doing so they have guaranteed themselves no worse than the sixth pick, and most likely a top 5 pick in what many analysts are calling the best NBA draft in living memory. With that done, we can now, mercifully, watch this painful Milwaukee Bucks campaign fade to black. Its a good day in BucksNation.

In celebration of this day, I did another 20 Spins (its addictive!). Once again, however, I didn't get the results we in BucksNation would call positive. I landed only 5 of my spins in the money picks. Most of them (65%) landed, as they always seem to, below the Bucks third spot. And this time the fourth pick was my most frequent result (40%).

My "Money Pick" Winners

Yesterday I kept track of the top result for each of my Spins. But, as we all know, there are probably two high impact players in this year's crop. So this time around I decided to keep track of the top two results in each of my Spins -- what I call the "money picks". Here's are the results I got (I would say, based on my results, the Wolves might want to seriously consider tanking their game tonight with Memphis):

Memphis: 12
Boston: 9
Milwaukee: 5
Atlanta: 4
Minnesota: 4
Portland: 2
Seattle: 2
Chicago: 2


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