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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Way to go, Pearl, you frickin'...

Here's the memo I forgot to fax to the Bradley Center last night:

TO: Earl The Pearl Boykins
FROM: Mke Bucks Diary

Earl, I realize you will have Sebastian Telfair checking you tonight. I further realize he plays nothing even remotely resembling defense. However, we need this loss badly. Please, please, please, do not go off on him. Please do not attempt to victimize him. Again, to reiterate, we need this loss. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

How bad was last night's "game"?

The only thought going through my mind during last night's NBDL, err, NBA game between the Bucks and the Celtics was this... at one time in their lives most every player I'm watching on the Bradley Center court was a high school superstar. People would arrange their Friday nights to watch these guys play. So how come none of them seem capable of making a wide-open jumpshot, or a simple bunny lay-up, or a two foot putback? How come none of them seem able to play defense? Why do they all suddenly look like YMCA rejects? What happened?

How bad was the level of play during last night's pingpong showdown at the BC? Well, on my cable system the Bucks Television Network is Channel 31. ESPN is Channel 30. On ESPN they were showing the Chicago Bulls against the Detroit Pistons. From time to time, just to entertain myself, I would flip between the channels. The difference was shocking.

The energy, the effort, the execution... it looked like they were playing completely different sports on the two channels. On Channel 31, everyone was standing around, looking incompetent. No one was bothering to even get into a defensive stance. On Channel 30 they were running around, looking like professional basketball players. They were pressuring the ball. They all appeared to be in classic defensive crouches. It was a stark contrast.

Bucks Diary 20 Spins: Volume 12

Last night's win, and the effort level shown by the Boston Celtics, makes it almost certain the Bucks will not get any lower than the third worst record in the Association. That said, here is the latest edition of Bucks Diary's 20 Spins.

First, the bad news. Once again, the most frequent result I got was the 5th pick (35%). Now, the good news. For the second straight Spin game, I landed 6 in the money picks (30%). And, 5 of those money pick results came in my first 10 spins. Also, unlike yesterday, none of my spins landed in the sixth pick. So, it looks like should we stay at third worst, the lowest we will fall is the 5th pick.


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