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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bucks drop like a stone in the lottery

Larry Harris would have been better off just staying in Milwaukee and letting someone kick him in the nuts. Cause that's basically what he got for his visit to New Jersey.

A stone? A fucking lucky stone? That was the Lucky Charm Larry brought to Secaucas? Was that the only submission the Bucks got? I mean, who the hell has ever heard of a lucky stone? As a certain New Jersey resident -- AJ "Its all a big nothing" Soprano -- attempted to demonstrate on last Sunday's episode of The Sopranos, stones are used for sinking yourself to the bottom of something, not for rising up something.

And the Bucks certainly sank. Given the circumstances, they ended up being one of the unluckiest teams in lottery history. I'm sick to my stomach. How could this happen? I could see falling one or two spots, but three! If anyone had been following my Lottery Spins, you would know that the odds of the Bucks falling three spots were astronomically low. Over the course of some 100+ spins, I rarely ever got that result. And yet it happened.

Oh well, life moves on... even in BucksNation. We have the sixth pick, and now Larry Harris has to make the most of it. There's still potential there, but you have to do your homework and get it right.

First, though, I have to deal with my anger over tonight's result before I can even think about what they should do with that pick. All I know for sure is, thanks to that unlucky stone, Larry Harris has his work cut out for him now.


At May 22, 2007 at 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how are you dealing with that anger?

At May 23, 2007 at 7:16 AM, Blogger Diesel said...

The whole lottery process sucks. It is so damn ridiculous that words can't describe. It clearly looks like Stern was punishing the tank teams for folding their tents at the All-Star break. Even so, the Bucks have had the first pick twice in the last fifteen years. With that luck, they have done next to nothing. Harris needs to prove his worth this off-season or Kohl needs to can his ass.


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