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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Larry's after your Lucky Charms, BucksNation

We are almost officially T minus one week from the lottery drawing that may determine your Milwaukee Bucks destiny. I'm starting to get juiced, and so is the Lizard, I guess. He needs your help, Antlerheads. Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers... whatever Lucky Charms you got, Larry Harris wants them in full effect on ping-pong night.

I just got a Bucks Fastbreak email saying the team is holding another "Lucky Charm" contest similar to the one they held before the Bogut draft. They are looking for some magical piece of personal property in your possession that you believe will deliver the team the big result we Bucks Fans are all hoping for.

As for the rules, I guess any item will do, so long as it is charmed. (I know on Lottery Night I'll be clutching a rosary my Granny B says she got blessed by the Pope.) I think when we got Bogut the Lucky Charm Larry Harris used was some guy's fishing lure. We may need something stronger this time. I'll get more details on it and forward them to you on this site.

Update: Antlerheads, here's where you can go to submit your Lucky Charm.


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