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Friday, June 29, 2007

Bucks 2nd round pick sounds like Quinn Buckner

Last year, reports about Bucks 2nd round selection David Noel led me to adopt an unrealistic opinion about his pro potential. For some reason, I deluded myself into thinking he could actually contribute something more than ill-advised shots. He turned out to be garbage. So I'm going to take a more restrained view of this year's second round pick, PG Ramon Sessions of Nevada. I'm going to assume that if he makes the team, he will do so by the skin of his teeth and will not see much courttime.

That said, reports about Sessions skill set are intriguing. His profile brings to mind former Bucks PG Quinn Buckner. Buckner was a fire hydrant who couldn't shoot at all, but he was a player who could run the Bucks high powered offenses of the early 80s very effectively, he was a guy who could protect the ball exceptionally well, and he was someone who could defend like he was born to do it. That is basically the same thing I am hearing about Sessions. Thus I think the Bucks should give him a long, hard look. Remember that they passed up on other second round PGs who had similar makeups (Eric Snow, Jason Hart) and probably regreted it, because both turned out to be more-than-adequate pros.


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