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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Gasol Parallel

The one great hope I have for Yi is that he will develop into a player like Pau Gasol. If that happened, he would be a steal for the Bucks at number 6. Exploring that line of thought, I went back into the archives of nbadraft.net looking for the scouting report that preceded Gasol's entry into the Association in 2001. When I found it, and read it, it made my day.

Almost all of the strengths, and more encouragingly, all of the weaknesses that I attributed to Yi in my last post were also attributed to Gasol when he began his NBA career. Moreover, they both shared almost identical physical makeups and skill sets. And Gasol has developed into a stud power forward. Therefore, I see no reason why the same could not hold true for Yi. Maybe there is hope in BucksNation after all.

That made my weekend. I can finally give this issue a rest.


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