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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another winter of discontent in Bucksnation?

I know I sometimes piss you guys off when I write gloomy posts about the Bucks. I don't mean to. Its just that ever since June I've had a bad feeling about this Bucks roster and its functional value.

Yesterday I wrote a long season preview that reflected my pessimism, but I squashed it, like Prince squashed his Black Album. It was as depressing to edit as it would have been to read. I called the Bucks a lottery team who would struggle to win 30 games. I didn't even want to read that, and it seemed out of step with the consensus opinion anyway. So I killed it.

Then the game started. Maybe I should have published it after all.

I'll just give you a synopsis of the points of concern I highlighted in my lost preview:

1. We have no true point guard on the roster;
2. Our power forwards are generally allergic to paint and don't play defense;
3. We have no reliable second scoring option after Redd;
4. Mason is a severe downgrade from Ruben Patterson;
5. We have a frontline of generally weak per minute rebounders;
6. We have no shotblocker to speak of;
7. Most of the players on the roster have never shown any commitment to defense;
8. Our frontline lacks any physical presence;
9. Our best player is a shooter, not a playmaker, which traditionally does not work;

Oh, enough of that. No team is perfect. Maybe things will miraculously improve. Maybe I'm totally wrong. I hope so. Otherwise its going to be a long, cold winter.


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