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Monday, October 01, 2007

Breakdown, 1971

Did anyone see the Bucks flyer in yesterday's Sunday Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel? Pretty cool.

I wish I could quote from it, but I can't find where I put the damn thing! I know this, though. Every year they have some uncatchy ticket marketing slogan, and this year its "Where amazing happens". Huh?

Anyway, they tried their mightiest to fit that phrase to their players. It doesn't quite work out logically or semantically.

For instance, with Michael Redd it says "Where a better shot at gold happens". What does that have to do with the '07-'08 Bucks? And what does that phrase even mean?

For Yi Jianlian, it says "Where 1.3 billion new fans happen." Aaah, isn't that happening in China, and not at the Bradley Center?

The most hilarious phrase by far is the one attached to Andrew Bogut. It says "Where taking charge happens", and then it has pictures of Bogut taking charges! I'm sure they're going to see the turnstiles humming off that one! "Come watch the Aussie flop, mate!"

Here are some other thoughts:

... I had forgotten that its the Bucks 40th year. They have a logo to commemorate, but it doesn't have the old Bango as I hoped it would, and as the 30th anniversary logo did.

... This year they have something at the Bradley Center called "Club 1971". I actually want to watch a game from there. Maybe they have some old school Kareem and Oscar.

... I like their "Click n' Pick" 10 pack promotional. That's a great idea, and one I thought they should have offered years ago.


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