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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Buck Droppings: Only 3 Bucks playing well

Let's hope alot of the Bucks players are just using the preseason to round themselves into shape. Because few of them are really producing to this point.

The exceptions have been three: Mo Williams, who had an outstanding game last night; Bobby Simmons, who has been really solid in this bounceback training camp for him; and... shhhhh... Andrew Bogut, who until last night looked like he might be poised for a breakout season.

I have to mention also that Yi Jianlian had his best week as a professional last week, despite getting abused by the one-dimensional Kenyon Martin up in GB. Last night Yi had a particularly outstanding game, by far his best as a pro, against the young Timberwolves, and, unbelievably, he has distanced himself from the seemingly disinterested Charlie Villanueva to this point in the power forward competition.

Among the disappointments have been Mr. Villanueva, Desmond Mason, Charlie "I'm mad as hell" Bell, and Michael Redd -- who may be feeling the hangover from a long summer on the US National team.

Bucks Preseason Eff48 averages (above 24.00 is good)

1. Bogut 27.49
2. M. Williams 26.52
3. B. Simmons 26.18
4. Storey 21.00 (in only 16 minutes of action)
5. Voskuhl 20.57 (in only 21 minutes of action)
6. Ruffin 18.38
7. Yi 16.96 (including 30.67 in the last week)
8. Gadzuric 16.74
9. Noel 16.27
10. Ivey 16.04
11. Villanueva 15.84
12. Redd 15.70
13. Bell 14.18
14. D. Mason 06.12
15. Sessions 00.00 (0 efficiency points in 13 minutes of action)

Footnote: Players who have played few minutes, such as Storey and Voskuhl, may have misleadingly high Eff48 averages. For instance, if you grab 4 rebounds in 4 minutes you have a 48.00 score. Its much harder to maintain high production over an extended number of minutes.


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