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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How the Bucks fare on the adjusted +/- rating

There is no better site on the net for interesting basketball-related statistical analysis than 82games.com. They've struck again with their lastest piece of work, the "adjusted +/-" statistic.

The raw plus-minus statistic basically records what impact each player had on his team's performance by calculating the score when that player was on the floor versus the score when that player was off. This new adjusted plus-minus, as I understand it, is basically the same thing with corrections. It corrects some of the flaws in the raw statistic by adjusting for the abilities of the teammates around each player, as well as the strength of each player's opponent.

The numbers generated seem very well crafted and very revealing. They are compiled into two sets of rankings... those who logged more than 1640 minutes last season and those who logged less than that (but more than 400 minutes -- leaving out Michael Ruffin, I guess).

Accepting the results as valid here are some comments on what they reveal:

1. The Bucks have 3 plus rated players, two high minute players and one low minute player. Michael Redd, ranked 19th overall among high minute players; Andrew Bogut, ranked 63rd among high minute players; and Charlie Villanueva, ranked 16th among low minute players.

2. The Celtics have the best high minute player in the NBA, 2 high minute players in the Top 10, and 3 high minute players in the Top 20 (and one of them is not named Ray Allen!).

3. The Bucks roster includes two of the worst players in the NBA. Desmond Mason ranked fifth worst among high minute players, 170th overall; David Noel ranked fifth worst among low minute players, 163rd overall.

Here's the ranking and adjusted plus-minus number for each Buck:

High Minute Bucks (out of 175 high minute players)

19. Michael Redd +5.42
63. Andrew Bogut +1.61
115. Charlie Bell -1.07
124. Mo Williams -2.10
170. Desmond Mason -6.04

Low Minute Bucks (out of 168 low minute players)

16. Charlie Villanueva +2.38
66. Jake Voskuhl -0.96
82. Dan Gadzuric -1.69
120. Royal Ivey -3.44
163. David Noel -8.43


At October 31, 2007 at 2:19 PM, Anonymous Glenn said...

So does that mean that Coach K thinks Bobby Simmons is one of the four worst players in the NBA? I wonder how Mason ranked before he went to NO/OKC. I'm optimistic about this season, but if Chris Paul couldn't get Mason rolling than how is it going to happen this year?


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