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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Buck Droppings: Yi looks like the truth

Yi just keeps looking better and better. He's way ahead of Dirk Nowitzki's numbers at a comparable point in their careers.

And last night, against the best defense in the NBA, he had his best game yet. He can hit from the outside, he can handle a little, he's boarding now, and I even saw him drive around Tracy McGrady. This kid looks like the truth.

He's exactly what the Milwaukee Bucks needed after their latest number one draft pick turned out to be another busted flush...

Can we get Pryzbilla back?

What has happened to Andrew Bogut? He can't hit a shot. At all. He's missing everything he's putting up, and his offensive moves look, to quote Charles Barkley, "turr-i-ble". Whenever he manuevers in the lane it looks like he's carrying a piano on his back. He's so slow and unathletic.

And did I mention he can't shoot? He came into last night's game hitting a blistering 35% from the field, outstanding for a guy who can't shoot from outside 10 feet, and he managed to lower that mark with last night's 3-for-11 performance. What a joke this guy is.

And by the way, you ever notice how any time he's matched up against a half-way decent center, he produces nothing? Gee, that's the sign of a thoroughbred. Plays his worst against the best competition. He's clearly established that he is not the answer at center for the Bucks... or if he is, the question is something like, "Which other number one pick center, besides Kent Benson, never led the Bucks anywhere near a championship?" Hint: it wasn't this guy.

Last night things got especially comical. Bogut's first three shots... first three... were stamped "Return to Sender" by Yao Ming. You could almost hear Elvis singing in the background ("...the writing on it... aah Return to Sender, ad-dress unknown...").

I was listening to the game on my way back from Culver's, and Ted Davis had a priceless call of the action... "Bogut up with the shot... Blocked by Yao!... He got it back... Up again... BLOCKED AGAIN!!..."

Its time to think about dealing Bogut and Villanueva, while we still can. Bogut will never take us anywhere, and his market value is sinking by the game. Ditto for Villanueva, and throw in the fact that Yi has clearly established himself as the future at 4. I welcome your thoughts on that.

Redd needs to check his 3 wood

Michael Redd had another nice all around game tonight, and he's playing at a pretty high level right now, but he needs to put a governor on his three ball launcher. Last night he was 0-for-7 from downtown. I admire his perseverence, but come on. After 6 misses, wouldn't you just say "Uncle"? Especially when you're hitting 2s with Redd's proficiency. He was well over 50% from inside the arc. He should stay there. It would really aid his overall productivity and value to the team. To illustrate, his Eff48 for last night's game was a healthy 27.8. But if he would have just said no to the 3s, it would have been an all-star like 35.72. And the Bucks might have come up with better shots in those seven empty possessions.

Sorry Charlie

Ever since I started propping Charlie Bell he hasn't done squat. Last night he was particularly ineffective. I should go back to dogging him.

Mo was okay, but can he please get to the line?

Mo Williams didn't have a great shooting night, and he wasn't extremely productive, but I liked his decision making nonetheless. He kept his shots down to a proper per minute ratio (.29 FGA/min) and kept his assists in line with them (.50 ass/FGA). Over the long haul, that's going to help the team. He's finally playing like a point guard. One beef, though: the m'fer still hasn't taken a free throw shot!! Its unbelievable. Will he ever take one again? Can he get in the lane and draw just one stinking foul? He is currently at 5 games, 60 shots and counting...

Unusual collegiate sidebar: The funk has returned to Marquette

I graduated from UW-Madison, but when I was a shorty my favorite college basketball teams were always the funky Marquette Warriors with their "no-tuck", funkadelic, you're-wearin-it-backwards-lookin', jerseys. Well, it seems the funk has somewhat returned to Quette! Sahweet! I love it!

Meanwhile, look at what they're proposing to have the Badgers wear. Antonym of sahweet! Are the Badgers trying for the all-time dorkiest look ever? How can you hoop when you look like Pippi Longstocking, for God's sakes?

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At November 10, 2007 at 3:44 PM, Blogger frank said...

I don't really see the logic behind dealing Bogut...what exactly are we going to get back? And who are you going to put at center instead?

It seems like you want to get rid of him because you're frustrated with the bad offensive start to the season he's had, but what are the odds a guy who's shot well over 50% for his career keeps going like this? Just because he's not been great for a 1st overall pick doesn't mean you throw him on the scrap heap. He's rebounding and defending better than he ever has. That's more important to me given the other personnel we have. ESPECIALLY if you think Yi is going to be our go-to big scorer in the long term that means Bogut has value, because you won't need him to carry the load offensively.

I'm not saying we should be happy with this sort of poor play offensively from Bogut, but outside of foul trouble he's generally done a good job defensively and on the boards. That alone is not easily replaceable, and I think that's more likely to keep up than his offensive funk. It seems like you're making good arguments for why the Bucks should be wary of giving him a massive extension, but I'm happy to wait more than five games before we conclude he's an abject failure.

At November 10, 2007 at 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't seem to understand you "fans" who watch someone play an ordinary game and conclude that he's gotta be dealt. In fact, did you watch the game at all? Bogut played a very good defensive game on Yao. His offense stunk, that's for sure. But no one plays good on that guy. He's got 6 inches on Bogut. He will never play well on him. Give me this year's Bogut over last year's any day.

We cried and screamed for a defensive effort last year and now we've got it and you're whinging again. For chrissake!

He will never live up to his #1 billing. Because people like you expect Kareem frickin Abdul Jabbar. If we can get a centre who plays solid d, chases boards and puts shots back up then that's all we need. We have a shit-ton of scorers on this team.

Mo didn't play well, nor did Redd. Were we watching the same game? Stats don't mean squat. Watch how many shots they throw up when they aren't actually on. Bogut can't shoot? He hit a sweet jumper out close to the 3-point line, I liked it.

Charlie V looks lost. Why not trade him? Yeah sure, he hasn't done anything in 3 games, let's trade him! Let's not wait to see how Coach K can fit him into the rotation and let him find his place on the team, no let's trade him now. That'll do wonders for this team chemistry.

We need to keep this unit together for the next 3 years. Not a minute less. We are a good team now. Look at the changes that have happened in the past 5 games. The commentators actually said "these are both defensive teams" through the game yesterday. What the? Things are happening in Milwaukee, we're onto something here. Back off.

At November 10, 2007 at 8:32 PM, Blogger Blogmaster said...

Frank, your points are well taken. I'll I'm saying is, right now he appears to be nothing more than a journeyman, he's a decent rebounder, but his offense in the post and his defensive presence are nonexistent. However, his perceived market value, as a former number one pick, might still exist. I'm not saying we should give him away, but right now if I were Larry Harris, I would be open to conversation.

At November 10, 2007 at 8:56 PM, Blogger Blogmaster said...


I highly recommend you read "The Packer Way" by Ron Wolf. The Packers used to employ your "good enough" philosophy. The Packers sat around thinking they were, in your words, "good enough" for about two decades.

Oh, they had nice guys who kind of looked good once in a while, yet couldn't get it done on a consistent basis... sorta like Bogut. And year after year they sucked, until they finally got a guy in their front office who wasn't satisfied with... in your words... "good enough".

They hired Ron Wolf, and when Ron Wolf saw a weakness, even if he was the one who created that weakness, he rectified it.

Me, I kind of like that philosophy, because I feel like, as Bucks fans, we've waited long enough for a championship team. What's it been now... 37 FUCKING YEARS! I'm tired of waiting.

Sorry if that annoys you.



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