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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bucks Diary NBA Rookie Rankings

The rookies seem to have hit the wall. Wait a second, its not even Thanksgiving yet! Suck it up, green horns! Only one rookie producing an Eff48 of 25.00 or better?? Brutal.

All of the big names, save for Mike Conley, seemed to take a step back in their production last week, with the biggest name of all, Kevin Durant, taking a leap backward. Should the Sonics be worried? He's starting to look like another Big Dog Robinson. Lots of shots, lots of misses, no playmaking, and absolutely no defense.

Rookie Rankings by Eff48

1. Sean Williams 28.74
Off the court issues bumped this player to the bottom of the first round, but he isn't playing like it. The Nets are giving Williams more minutes, and Williams is responding... big time.

2. Al Horford 22.34
I love this player. He rebounds a ton, he blocks some shots, he scores a little... he looks good. I'm trying to figure out why his Efficiency numbers aren't that dazzling.

3. Mike Conley 26.74
This is a judgment call on my part. I am rewarding Conley for a surge in his minutes and some outstanding play during those minutes. He's fast, he's got handle out of his ears... he could be the real deal.

4. Jeff Green 21.86
Add this guy to the long list of players I've ragged on and been wrong about. He rebounds a ton for a guy with his build. If he could only shoot he'd be dangerous.

5. Yi Jianlian 21.72
At 7'00'' tall, Yi has to find a way to get more inside baskets. He is currently shooting a woeful 20% on inside shots according to 82games.com. I know he's a bit weak, but those numbers are ridiculous. Get crafty if you have to, Yi.

6. Luis Scola 20.94
You know, this player is 27 years old. He's an Ichiro rookie. If I'm going to rank him, I really should rank Jamario Moon also.

7. Jason Smith 20.76
He had been playing on a higher plane than he is currently playing at, but he's doing alright, and he looks pretty athletic.

8. Kevin Durant 16.71
Technically, I broke my own rules and bumped him up higher than his numbers warrant. But he's having a brutal go of it right now. Perhaps he just isn't ready for the daily wear and tear. Ominous sign for the Bucks since Yi is of the same build.

9. Juan Carlos Navarro 17.24
I hate ranking guys I've barely heard of. Oh, I just looked him up, he's another Ichiro rookie at 27 years of age. I'm going to have to make some qualifying decisions for next week.

10. Corey Brewer 14.21
I saw Brewer play in person Saturday at the Target Center. I was not impressed. He plays hard, and his defense is okay (although Peja lit him up that night), but where's the skill? He can't dribble at all, he can't shoot at all (he throws up knuckleballs... very poor rotation and release), and his legs are unbelievably skinny. They look like twigs. He has a long way to go.


At November 20, 2007 at 5:24 PM, Anonymous paulpressey25 said...

Ty, are these rankings just for the last week or cumulative for the season?

Horford's score would be down depending on how that formula rates turnovers. He's had a ton of them. But his other skills are great.

At November 20, 2007 at 6:26 PM, Blogger TCW said...

Season. And hey, Pressey, guess who I saw this weekend. Pressey! The original finger roll. He coaches for the New Orleans Hornets. He looks like his knees are arthritic, though.

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