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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bucks Diary PVOA from 11-26 games

I'm going to try to calculate the PVOA performances for each game played either before bed or right away the next morning and post them up here. That will save me work over the weekend when I calculate the overall Power Rankings.

I don't know if anyone gets anything out of these numbers, but they fascinate the hell out of me. They give me a good measuring stick of how a team actually performed on both sides of the court, regardless of opposition. Also, if one team has a negative PVOA offensive average and yet ends up with a dramatically positive offensive PVOA for the game (the Knicks), while their opposition has a negative PVOA defensive average and yet ends up with a dramatically positive defensive PVOA (the Jazz), and the latter team is coming off a tough game in Detroit... you can assume that team probably didn't give their best defensive effort in that particular game.

Anyway, here's what happened for the scoreboard of 7 games played last night.

PVOA offensive performances

1. Golden State Warriors...+21.45
2. New York Knicks...+19.56
3. Sacramento Kings...+19.05
4. Washington Bullets...+9.24
5. Utah Jazz...+7.73
6. Minnesota Twolves...+3.89
7. Phoenix Suns...-0.95
8. San Antonio Spurs...-3.81
9. Dallas Mavericks...-4.46
10. Houston Rockets...-6.29
11. Orlando Magic...-11.44
12. New Orleans Hornets...-15.00
13. Portland Trailblazers...-19.44
14. LA Clippers...-21.92

PVOA defensive performances

1. Houston Rockets...-21.92
2. Orlando Magic...-19.44
3. Portland Trailblazers...-12.32
4. Minnesota Timberwolves...-10.09
5. Washington Bullets...-9.25
6. Sacramento Kings...-9.18
7. Los Angeles Clippers...-5.39
8. New Orleans Hornets...-3.89
9. Golden State Warriors...+0.08
10. New York Knicks...+6.80
11. Dallas Mavericks...+7.32
12. Phoenix Suns...+14.00
13. San Antonio Spurs...+16.32
14. Utah Jazz...+19.56


Let's see, the Twolves beat the Hornets with Chris Paul in New Orleans two weeks after I watched the Hornets crush the Twolves without Chris Paul in Minneapolis... the Kings beat the Spurs decisively... the Knicks beat the Jazz the night after the Jazz whupped up on the Pistons... the Warriors beat the Suns decisively... the Bullets beat the Mavs in Dallas and decisively... If last night's results didn't teach you never to bet on the NBA board -- especially on a weeknight -- nothing ever will... You never know when a team and/or teams will decide to take the night off... Defensively, PVOA shows that the Spurs have taken the last two nights off.


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