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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The incomparable Mr. Redd

Last night Michael Redd played one of the great all-around regular season games in Milwaukee Bucks history. It was a basketball masterpiece.

For a person like me who places much more emphasis on efficient scoring and overall production than I do on total points, Michael Redd's stat line from last night's game reads like a dream. Its full of good numbers in nearly every category and very short on bad numbers.

In fact, since I've been calculating the Eff48 boxscore, Michael Redd's 49.26 has to be the most impressive score turned in (not the highest, the most impressive). Redd produced more than one positive net efficiency point for every minute played, and he was on the court for 38 minutes. That takes determination and stamina.

Redd did everything right. He scored 34 points... on only 15 field goal attempts. He attacked the basket with gusto... actually accumulating more free throw attempts than field goal attempts, for an otherworldly basket attack ratio of 133%. He made plays... recording 0.4 assists for every field goal attempt. And he continued his rebounding renaissance... pulling down 7 boards. He even blocked shots, for God's sakes!

Simply put, he was a basketball playing Jesse in Cleveland last night, and that's the highest compliment I can give him.

Bogut the Ghost

Bogut cleaned house on the YMCA centers the Bucks had been facing in the past couple games. Put a real live, honest to goodness NBA center in front of him and its a different story.

Last night Bogut had as many fouls and nearly as many turnovers as he had rebounds. His Eff48 went from 39.2 against the scalawags from Atlanta all the way down to 19.6 against the full grown frontline in Cleveland. This has been the story of his career thus far.

I will, however, compliment him on his continued ability to block shots. That is a pleasant surprise.

As Mo goes

Mo Williams is playing some nice basketball at the moment. He's distributing the ball and limiting his own shots.

I just wish his teammates would get in the spirit. Mo and Michael Redd accounted for 15 assists... tremendous production by the backcourt duo. The rest of the team accounted for a mere 7. Come on guys, follow your leaders.

Bucks Diary Eff48 Boxscore


Ivey...68.5 (albeit in only 14 minutes of action)
Redd 49.2



PVOA ("point value over average") team performances (remember, on defense a "+" number of points over average is bad)

Milwaukee Bucks (O: +10.5; D: +5.1) (Overall: +5.4)
Cleveland Cavaliers (O: +3.21; D: +13.3) (Overall: -10.09)


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