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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Latest Bucks Diary PVOA Rankings

Here are the latest PVOA, or "point value over average" Power Rankings, calculated for all games through Saturday, November 24th. One of these days I'll do the offensive and defensive PVOA splits as well. (The number next to each team represents that team's average number of "Points above average". "Points above average" is a combination of the average offensive points they score above their opponents' per possession average points allowed, and the average defensive points they allow below their opponent's per possession average points scored. Bang on the red words for a fuller and clearer explanation.)

1. Boston Celtics +12.01 (--)
2. San Antonio Spurs +9.36 (up 2)
3. Los Angeles Lakers +8.70 (down 1)
4. Orlando Magic +8.60 (down 1)
5. Phoenix Suns +5.60 (up 2)
6. Dallas Mavericks +4.50 (--)
7. New Orleans Hornets +4.45 (down 2)
8. Houston Rockets +4.04 (up 2)
9. Utah Jazz +3.85 (up 4)
10. Toronto Raptors +3.63 (down 2)
11. Detroit Pistons +3.06 (--)
12. Washington Bullets +0.76 (--)
13. Cleveland Cavaliers +0.65 (up 2)
14. Indiana Pacers +0.64 (up 2)
15. Golden State Warriors +0.50 (down 1)
16. Denver Nuggets +0.10 (down 7)
17. Milwaukee Bucks -0.73 (up 7)
18. Charlotte Bobcats -0.84 (up 1)
19. Memphis Grizzlies -1.58 (up 1)
20. Atlanta Hawks -1.96 (down 2)
21. Portland Trailblazers -2.07 (down 4)
22. Miami Heat -3.79 (down 1)
23. LA Clippers -4.05 (up 3)
24. Sacramento Kings -4.20 (down 2)
25. Philadelphia 76ers -4.83 (down 2)
26. New Jersey Nets -6.35 (up 1)
27. Chicago Bulls -7.34 (down 2)
28. Minnesota Timberwolves -9.53 (up 2)
29. New York Knicks -10.29 (down 1)
30. Seattle Supersonics -10.66 (down 1)


The Celtics continue to dominate, but, according to my numbers, they are doing it on defense, not offense. Their defense has been way above average, whereas their offense is sometimes above average, sometimes below average... The Bucks are the big risers this week. They played way above average on offense, and their defense was above average in their two home wins and slightly below average in their road win at Cleveland... The Bulls are playing above average defense on a consistent basis. Their offense is simply putrid. Once I do the O/D splits, you will see how far down they are... The T'Wolves had one above average overall game this week, but that was enough to pull them out of the cellar... Denver had been a consistently above average team until this week, when they were below average in, I think, every game. They were the week's biggest fallers... Portland and Atlanta continue to fall after their surprising early risings... The Lakers lost, I think twice this week, but they didn't fall that far because they didn't play that far below average... Washington is playing outstanding offense without Gilbert Arenas, its their defense that is letting them down... Philly, the Bucks next opponent, has the opposite problem.


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