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Friday, November 30, 2007

Nice effort, Knickerbockers! And I'm drunk!

Correction: This story says the Knicks and Celtics played at MSG. Apparently, they were playing in Boston, but the Knicks were wearing their home unis.

So I got home from watching the Packers-Cowboys game last night and I wanted to do my PVOA NBA calculations.

Well first, let me first comment on the Packers. I don't know why any Packer fan should be anything but giddy after last night because they basically proved that they have a future past Brett Favre. That is the greatest news any Cheesehead could ever receive. They have the youngest team in the NFL, and they clearly have a future past Favre. World Title number 13 is on its way.

Anyway, back to the Association. So, I want to do these stupid calculations so I can keep them up-to-date (for the 4 people who enjoy reading them), and I look on the NBA.com scoreboard and I see that there is only one non-West Coast game available: New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics. So I'm thinking "Cool, I'll quick do the calculations for that game and get to bed." Right?

Well, I look at the score and I see that the Knicks have only 59 points. But the NBA.com scoreboard says "Final". But I'm thinking "That can't be right". 59 points is not a final score, unless we're talking Iowa women's halfcourt highschool ball. (Mind you, I have had a few PBRs at this point, so that's clouding my thinking big time, NBA fans.) So I keep incessantly hitting that stupid refresh button. F5... F5...F5... same deal everytime. It still says New York "59".

Then I notice it also says that the Celts have "104". So I'm thinking "Holy shit, that is a final!!". The Celtics held the Knicks, at Madison Square Garden, to 59 fucking points! Un-fucking-believable!! That's a peach basket score, boys and girls!!

So, now that I knew I have a final, I did my PVOA calculations for that game. (I'll refresh the other numbers for the other two West Coast games by morning. By the time you read this they should already be there.) With that performance, the Celtics have basically assured themselves the top spot in my PVOA power rankings for the next couple of weeks with their cumulative +44.55 performance. Unbelievable dominance. Also, as it stands right now, the Warriors are vindicating my high ranking for them and so are the Lakers.

Another note, as bad as the Knicks offensive performance was, by PVOA standards it wasn't the worst of the year, as I believe the Heat had one in the -30s, and that too was at MSG earlier this year. And I think the Bulls have had a couple of worse offensive performances. Anyway, I gotta get to bed. Go Bucks!

PVOA offensive performances

1. Los Angeles Lakers...+22.45
2. Golden State Warriors...+13.6
3. Boston Celtics...+11.35
4. Denver Nuggets...-9.36
5. Houston Rockets...-14.00
6. New York Knickerbockers...-29.67

PVOA defensive performances

1. Boston Celtics...-33.20
2. Los Angeles Lakers...-10.41
3. Golden State Warriors...-8.10
4. Houston Rockets...+4.64
5. New York Knickerbockers...+10.50
6. Denver Nuggets...+12.94


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