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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Productivity stats for the Milwaukee Bucks

Below are this season's Eff48 production numbers to date for each Bucks player, followed by the position where that number ranks the Buck among all NBA players who have played at least 10 games and averaged at least 20 min/game. The smallest number at the end is the player's career Eff48 average.

Michael Redd 29.49 (21st) (24.07)
Andrew Bogut 26.47 (48th) (24.32)
Royal Ivey 23.68 (14.47)
Maurice Williams 21.42 (102nd) (20.88)
Yi Jianlian 21.13 (105th) (--)
Charlie Villanueva 20.99 (108th) (23.27)
Dan Gadzuric 19.11 (25.41)
Desmond Mason 17.46 (146th) (17.53)
Bobby Simmons 17.07 (149th) (20.09)
Charlie Bell 16.01 (158th) (17.49)
Michael Ruffin 12.61 (16.57)


Michael Redd just finished an exceptional week of basketball, and so far he is having his best season by far. His willingness to do other things besides shoot has made the Bucks a much better team... As bad as Bogut looked early on, that's pretty much how good he looks now. I know everybody kneejerked me when I lost patience with him, but he looked terrible early on this season. It looked like he was playing with cement shoes on. He looks like he's had a leg transplant in the last few weeks. I'm now willing to give him more time. If he continues playing this well, I'll gladly eat my words. But he's teased us before... Mo Williams Eff48 numbers aren't that great, and they're way below TJ Ford's (29.33), but I'm really pleased with his play lately. He's dishing, hitting shots when they're there, not forcing his own offense, and basically playing like a point guard. And the offense is much better for it. My only question about him is this: Do those magnets on his shoulders actually work?... And, even though we are currently getting outplayed badly at the 3 spot, Desmond Mason is actually producing quite a bit more than I expected him to produce. His numbers took a huge dive in New Orleans, but they've recovered this season.


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