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Monday, November 26, 2007

PVOA splits from Sunday's NBA schedule

Below are the PVOA offense/defense splits from yesterday's games (Sunday Nov. 25th)... By PVOA comparison, the Utah Jazz had the best overall performance, while the San Antonio Spurs had the best offensive performance and the New Jersey Nets had the best defensive performance... Seattle, usually one of the worst offensive teams in the Association by PVOA comparisons, had a relatively strong offensive showing against San Antonio, even though they lost the game 116-101... Actually, there wasn't much defense played at all in the SA-Seattle matchup, although there may have been a stronger than usual "garbage time" factor in that game, I don't know... Chicago continued to struggle mightily on offense. I don't think they've had a single game where their offensive PVOA was not in the negative double figures. And yet their defense is almost always above average... The Lakers had a huge letdown game. They should have taken care of the struggling Nets, but they came up below average on both sides of the ball for probably the first time this season... Meanwhile, give the Nets credit. Their offense is still below average, but their defense is really carrying them to victory on their West Coast road trip.

Offensive PVOA performances

1. San Antonio Spurs +20.55
2. Seattle Supersonics +10.30
3. Utah Jazz +6.07
4. Cleveland Cavaliers +1.51
5. Toronto Raptors +1.48
6. Detroit Pistons -0.32
7. New Jersey Nets -2.04
8. Los Angeles Lakers -4.77
9. Indiana Pacers -7.44
10. Chicago Bulls -14.49

Defensive PVOA performances

1. New Jersey Nets -9.85
2. Utah Jazz -7.78
3. Chicago Bulls -3.89
4. Toronto Raptors -3.71
5. Cleveland Cavaliers -3.24
6. Detroit Pistons +1.41
7. Indiana Pacers +1.51
8. Los Angeles Lakers +5.96
9. San Antonio Spurs +12.08
10. Seattle Supersonics +17.93


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