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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spurs vs. Bucks: Not good in the Traveling Green

If the Bucks play as they have played thus far this season on the road, and the Spurs merely play their normal game, the Bucks will lose by a score of approximately 104-82. The Bucks must improve their road play substantially to win tonight's game.

That starts with the defense. The Bucks defense has improved this season at home, but not on the road. On the road, the Bucks have not played an above average defensive game yet this season. By contrast, they have played defense well above average in both of their games at home.

Meanwhile, the Bucks offense has been bad no matter where they play. The Bucks offense has been below average in every game this season except the Toronto game. They were substantially above average against Toronto (+14.96 points above the NBA average against Toronto). But, if you eliminate the Toronto game, the Bucks offense has scored 34.9 points below the average number of points scored against their given opponents in the given number of offensive possessions.

That's not horrible (consider that the Bulls nearly equaled the Bucks cumulative deficit in one game last night), but it needs to improve.


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