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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Antlerheads, step up for Redd

Ever since he signed his maximum dollar contract, I have been criticizing Bucks G Michael Redd. I felt he needed to earn his contract by expanding his game and doing more of the tangible things that would help the Bucks.

This season he has. He's having his best season by far. He's doing the little things a leader must do to make his team successful. And, frankly, he isn't getting too much help from he rest of the roster. In fact, without his vastly improved play, we would probably be down with the Twolves.

So I say we need to step up and show him his effort is recognized and appreciated. At the moment he is way behind in the voting for Eastern Conference starting guards. He is in seventh place, and three of the men he trails are having seasons inferior to his (Vince Carter, Ray Allen, and the injured Gilbert Arenas). Technically, so is D Wade, but he's untouchable. But the rest can be caught and passed.

Here's the voting link. Do what you can... vote early and often for the Redd Man.


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