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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bucks Diary NBA Power Rankings

Here are my NBA Power Rankings for all games played through December 8, 2007. As always, these rankings are based exclusively on the cumulative offensive and defensive averages each team posts under the comparative statistical analysis known as "Point Value Over Average" (what is PVOA?)

1. Boston Celtics...+13.14 (--)
2. San Antonio Spurs...+8.85 (--)
3. Orlando Magic...+8.02 (--)
4. Los Angeles Lakers...+7.09 (--)
5. Phoenix Suns...+4.53 (up 2)
6. Toronto Raptors...+4.44 (up 4)
7. Detroit Pistons...+4.23 (down 2)
8. Utah Jazz...+4.03 (down 2)
9. Golden State Warriors...+4.01 (up 3)
10. Houston Rockets...+3.68 (up 1)
11. New Orleans Hornets...+2.96 (down 3)
12. Dallas Mavericks...+2.72 (down 3)
13. Denver Nuggets...+1.39 (up 4)
14. Washington Bullets...+0.94 (down 1)
15. Indiana Pacers...-0.03 (down 1)
16. Sacramento Kings...-0.93 (up 2)
17. Memphis Grizzlies...-1.40 (down 2)
18. Atlanta Hawks...-1.74 (up 1)
19. Philadelphia Sixers...-2.10 (up 2)
20. Portland Trailblazers...-3.05 (up 2)
21. Miami Heat...-3.14 (down 1)
22. Chicago Bulls...-3.15 (up 2)
23. Cleveland Cavaliers...-3.49 (down 7)
24. Charlotte Bobcats...-5.13 (down 1)
25. New Jersey Nets...-5.40 (up 2)
26. Los Angeles Clippers...-5.78 (--)
27. Milwaukee Bucks...-6.68 (down 2)
28. Seattle Supersonics...-8.35 (--)
29. Minnesota Timberwolves...-8.47 (--)
30. New York Knickerbockers...-12.17 (--)


I guess the acid test for whether you think this formula has evaluative usefulness is the Los Angeles Lakers... The Lakers are the one team whose PVOA power ranking is way out of whack with their record and with the netwide Power Ranking consensus... I guess I have the Mavericks and Nets a lot lower than their Consensus Power Rankings as well... The Mavs look somewhat soft this season, and the Nets haven't gotten it together... The Cavaliers are going to screw me up a little because their non-LeBron offensive performances are so woeful they will skew their overall average performances to a significant extent and thus skew my evaluations of each of their opponents' performances for a while... But, what are you gonna do?... The Bucks are sinking fast... I've got the Green and Red alot lower than their Consenus Ranking, but with their latest loss to the Sonics, coupled with their previous losses to the Sixers and Knicks, I think their Consensus Ranking is about to fall as well.


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