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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bucks whacked out salary structure

For the last couple of summers, the Bucks have targeted middle class free agents. Presumably, the Bucks felt the middle class players would give them more bang for their buck.

How's that working out? This season... not so good.

I figured out the Win Expectancy -- projected out over 82 games -- for each player on the Bucks roster and then compared it against their salary for this season.

At the moment the Bucks project as a 31 win team. By my calculations, among the players who are actually adding wins, the best value for money players on the team are C Andrew Bogut and SG Michael Redd. The worst value for money is SF Bobby Simmons.

But at least he's delivering wins. A full 9 of the 15 players on the roster are delivering less than one victory... or in the case of Charlie Bell, they are costing the team victories.

All in all, those "dead weight" salaries amount to $18.33 million of the total $62.00 million payroll, or nearly 30% of the Bucks roster expense. One caveat... free agent signee C Jake Voskuhl would be adding at least two victories, thereby making his 3 million dollar salary palpable, if only he would receive a decent amount of playing time.

Most Expensive Bucks per win (green players are delivering no wins)

1. Dan Gadzuric...$5.75 mil
2. Bobby Simmons...$5.45 mil/win
3. Charlie Bell...$3.1 mil
4. Jake Voskuhl...$3.0 mil
5. Yi Jianlian...$2.77 mil
6. Desmond Mason...$2.13 mil/win
7. Charlie Villanueva...$2.02 mil/win
8. Mo Williams...$1.18 mil/win
9. Michael Ruffin...$1.033 mil
10. Michael Redd...$0.960 mil/win
11. Royal Ivey...$0.798 mil
12. Averee Storey...$0.770 mil
13. Andrew Bogut...$0.728 mil/win
14. David Noel...$0.687 mil
15. Ramon Sessions...$0.427 mil

Update: In my original post, I somehow forgot all about Dan Gadzuric. Therefore I had to amend most of the post to include his information.


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