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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Halftime Post: Bucks vs. Magic

Wanna know why the Bucks are kicking ass at the half against one of the high powered teams in the Association? They've got four guys playing above their positional averages, and three guys playing way above their averages. Check out these halftime Win Score numbers (the parenthesis are their season average):

1. Yi...+9.00..(-3.50)
2. Redd...+8.08..(+3.99)
3. Williams...+7.69..(+0.12)
4. Bogut...+1.99..(+0.50)
5. Mason...-4.45..(-1.30)
6. Bell...-6.42..(-3.94)

You notice Bell still isn't playing well. But, if the "Big 4" put up numbers like that every night, the Bucks would be where the Celtics are. But, that's kind of unrealistic. But... they're proving its possible.

Final note: I'm beginning to believe that as Redd goes, so go the Bucks. If he has an out of sight game, and he can get one other Buck to join him, the Bucks are pretty tough to deal with. Let's keep it up and get a "W" tonight, Green and Red!


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