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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Redd reverts and game gets away in Portland

Bucks G Michael Redd is having a terrific season. Tonight he did not have a terrific game. He had a very bad game.

Most troubling to me was his shot selection in overtime. With the game on the line Redd repeatedly reverted to his old, ineffective habit of dribbling in place and then settling for those awful, stepback catapult shots. You just cannot take such low percentage shots in such crucial possessions. I thought the New Redd understood that.

You must advance toward the basket. If you cannot find a shot, then you trust your teammates and pass the ball. Simple as that. Rarely does anything good happen when you yo-yo dribble in place and then launch from deep.

Return of some prodigal Bucks

The Bucks nearly won the game because they received very nice performances from two Bucks who have been Missing in Action lately.

PG Mo Williams, by position adjusted Win Score, had a nice night. He scored 33 points using up only 25.5 possessions. Very efficient and productive scoring night. He also piled up steals, added assists, and mixed in some rebounds for good measure. Nice game, Mo.

Likewise, Charlie V had one of those frustratingly infrequent great games he loves to tease us with. By PAWS he was a +7.73. Very, very good night at the 4 position for the Green and Red... and I haven't said that much in '07-'08. Now if we can only see a little more of that.

Why can't Bango D?

You know how Badger fans often refer collectively to Badger squads as "Bucky"? Well somebody asked me recently why no one ever refers to the Bucks players collectively as "Bango". So I will now.

Bucks fans, I ask you..."Why can't Bango D?"

We are now on our third different Milwaukee head coach and it seems as though nothing's changed. The Bucks are the still the worst defensive team in the Association.

The questions is 'Why?' Do they lack the talent? I don't think so. Do they lack the will? I hope not. Do they lack the schemes? What kind of schemes do you really need to play aggressive defense?

Yet, Antlerheads, at one point early in the second half the Blazers were shooting a Villanova '85-like 64% from the field. I doubt with their personnel they shoot that well during their casual morning shootarounds.

I'm being both sarcastic and serious. Something has to change quickly or I'm afraid its going to cost Mr. Harris his job. Although, at this point, that result is beginning to look like a fait accompli.


At December 9, 2007 at 9:33 PM, Anonymous slappyg said...

Mo had a good game but screwed up big time at the end of regulation. With the score tied and only needing 1 point you don't dribble out the clock then launch a 3. Drive and draw the foul!


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