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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Will the real Bango please stand up?

By my Power Rank reckoning, the Bucks have now defeated as many teams in my NBA Top 6 (Orlando, LA Lakers, Toronto) as they have lost to in my NBA Bottom 6 (Charlotte, New York, Seattle). What gives?

Who is the real Bango Buck? The buff deer we saw strutting around the Bradley Center last night, bitch slapping one of the better teams in the Association? Or the deer with the chronic wasting disease that we saw lose 4 of 5 to less than stellar competition out west?

I hope its the one we saw last night. That deer could definitely "D". Using my PVOA ratings, Orlando's offense should have scored just over 110 points given the number of possessions it had. Thus, the Bucks defense had an astounding PVOA of -24.40.

Before we go too crazy, Orlando's once formidable offense has been trending downward in the last couple of weeks (I think they've had one above average game in their last 10), and last night their offense had a PVOA of -29.19. But hey, I'm not going to take anything away from the Bucks.

Mr IncREDDible

Michael Redd's monster season continues. Last night may have been his finest performance of the year. Using the PAWS (position adjusted Win Score), Redd's performance rated an incredible +10.80 ( to illustrate how good that is, if he played at that level for an entire 82 game schedule, given his 37 minutes a game, that would translate into 28 wins produced for the Bucks just by Redd alone). And when he gets a little help from his friends, as he did last night (Mo Williams...+7.76) (Yi Jianlian...+4.54) (Andrew Bogut...+0.81), the Bucks are an extremely competitive team.


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