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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Are the Bucks about to be "blowed up"?

I don't usually traffic in rumors (you can get those delivered in a much better and more timely manner on RealGM's boards), but this one is too big to pass on. It appears that, in the immortal words of Emmitt Smith, the Bucks are about to be "blowed up".

This fellow from Yahoo sports writes that the NBA grapevine is saying Bucks GM Larry Harris is all but gone. Says Harris and the Senator are barely speaking. Says Rick Sund, the former Seattle GM, or... ewwww, Doug "The Perm" Collins... are tops on the Bucks "Next GM" list. It also says that everyone on the roster is on the block except Yi and Bogut.

None of that is really a huge surprise. Herb Superb made it pretty clear last spring that it was "playoffs or bust" for Larry Harris, and I'm sure the Senator has not been pleasaed with the embarrassing losses that litter this season's schedule results.

Still, to hear that they aren't talking... that's kind of weird. Sort of high schooley.

As for the purported candidates, Hoopshype.com lists Sund's best transaction as the "Payton/Mason for Allen" trade. Nice. Looking over the rest of his record, he seems to have a disturbing penchant for selecting "soft" foreigners in the draft (Vladimir Radmanovic Career WS: -2.39 and Johan Petro Career WS: -3.08), and/or risky high school kids who may never pan out (C Robert Swift Career WS: -1.44). He did, however, select the hardworking PF Nick Collison Career Career WS: +0.642, so that's at least something.

Aaah, on the other hand, I don't think Doug Collins has any experience as a GM. I guess his insightful comments on TNT ("Duncan looks great tonight") are what make him so attractive as a GM prospect. After all, we've been trying our damndest to sign him up as GM for... what?... ten years now.

I just had a thought: was Collins on board with Washington's disastrous Kwame Brown pick? Do I want to know the answer to that question?


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