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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wrong Power Forward, Bango

The hot rumor this morning... which you've probably already heard... is the Bucks and Knicks are going to pull off a trade involving Zach Randolph and some unnamed Bucks.

I don't know. Yeah, Randolph has a history of being a slightly above average PF, but he's also got a history of being a jerk, doesn't he? I'm not in the mood for that this season.

Besides, the Knick I want is named David Lee (although I realize it ain't gonna happen)! Apparently Lee and Nate Robinson are on the Knicks protected list. But, I've identified an even better David Lee in the draft (hint: La... La... "LOVE" plus one!). More on him in the future.

Makes sense to have Lee on the protected list. He's a big time producer. My only question is: if the Knicks value him so much, why don't they play him more?

And why protect Robinson? He's really undersized... oh, and he sucks. Weird. It's like the Bucks protecting Michael Redd and...oh, Royal Ivey. Reminds me of the song "One of these things just doesn't belong"...

I guess I wouldn't mind a Randolph trade so long as the Bucks don't have to give up Bogut, Yi, Redd, or Mo Williams. And so long as Randolph doesn't act a bitch.

If they give up Charlie V... I love it! Happy trails. He is never going to be an above average PF, and he may even be too soft to play the 3. He's a problem in need of a solution. He's fallen and he ain't gettin up.


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