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Friday, February 08, 2008

Attempted karma change

As Cutty from The Wire once said, "When it ain't flowin' how you want it to flow... you got to change up." Bucks Nation currently isn't flowin how I want it to flow, so I'm doing my bit to change up by making a few changes to this blog.

First, the logos a little different. Big whoop.

Second, I dropped "MKE" from the title. Adding "MKE" in the first place was just a lame attempt to indicate that the blog was about the Milwaukee Bucks, but not a part of the Milwaukee Bucks. I was always afraid that just plain "Bucks Diary" might be taken as a hunting blog or a blog about somebody's Uncle from Up North, while calling it "Milwaukee Bucks Diary" was obviously out of the question due to trade name considerations, so I landed on "MKE Bucks Diary".

But, I never really liked the "MKE", and no one really ever used it when refering to this blog, and it always looked a little funny when people did. So its gone.

Now if its not sufficiently clear that "Bucks Diary" is a blog for NBA fans written by a Bucks fan who is not associated with the Milwaukee Bucks organization, I'm sure the Bucks will let me know. And if they do, then I'll do something about it.


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