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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buck Droppings: Faulty memories

A week ago I saw an interview with Kareem in which he was asked what his career might have been like had he played it all in Milwaukee. In his answer he doubted he would have won as many championships because he questioned whether Milwaukee would have been able to assemble the necessary talent around him. I think the big guy's memory is faulty.

The talent the Bucks had in the early and middle 1980s was vastly superior to the talent they surrounded Kareem with in the early 1970s. Its always tricky to make counterhistorical assessments, but I think the Bucks would have won several championships in the 1980s if they had Kareem plus the players they assembled in the 80s (a gigantic "if", I acknowledge).

Then last night Sam Cassell told Scott Williams the reason the Bucks had success in the early 2000s was "team chemistry". What?

As I recall that time in Bucks history, my memory is they had success in spite of their lack of team chemistry. Weren't the "Big Three" and Coach George Karl constantly at each other's throats? In fact, wasn't that lack of chemistry what ultimately tore the squad down?

Yi looked rejuvenated vs. the Clippers

Last night Yi looked like he had his legs back under him. He was stroking his jumper like it was 2007 again. Perhaps he really did hit the infamous "rookie wall" after New Years Day.

Also, he looked pretty good guarding Clippers SF Corey Magettee whenever he had to switch onto him.

I still think his game is better suited to the small forward position than it is to power forward.

Redd never into it last night

Was it me, or did it look as though Michael Redd never really got into last night's game? I guess it happens over the course of an 82 game schedule. But it shouldn't happen when you are being paid a maximum dollar contract.

Props to Des

Before the season, all of the evidence said Des Mason had nothing left. Not so. He's turned his declining career numbers around this season, and I have to give him props for that.

What he does especially well is attack the basket. Twice last night he got in the lane for dunks, when the lane did not really seem open. I wish some other Bucks had his aggressive tendencies.

Also, he seems like a good mentor for the young Yi. I always see him giving Yi respectful tutealage.

Bad Night for Bogut

Last night Bogut took 16 shots and missed 12 of them. Uncharacteristically inefficient offensive night for the big man.


At February 13, 2008 at 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It wasn't that Redd wasn't into it; it seems like he was trying to make a statement about not being a "shoot first" player. He only took one shot in the first half but had 6-7 assists (10 for the game). I think he was trying to answer his critics by showing he could pass the ball.

But that's a little juvenile because he passed up some easy shots in favor of passing to Voskuhl, who turned the ball over every time he touched it. Some games he's obviously trying to shoot as much as possible, others he's obviously avoiding shooting. All of this shows how dysfunctional the team is right now - no one knows their role.


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