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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Bucks in February

Here is my statistical performance breakdown for each of the Bucks in the month of February.

Random Thoughts on the Month

As you can see, of the 5 starters, 4 made positive Win Contributions. The only Buck starter who had a bad month was Andrew Bogut. Bogut has really struggled with his field goal accuracy this month (its down to 40%). Once again, the bench was not that great in February. The only bench player to make a positive Win Contribution was Bobby Simmons (who I think deserves more minutes). Royal Ivey continues to be "Poison Ivey" for the Bucks... he made the most negative Win Contribution. Charlie Bell is playing back up near his career average, which is just slightly below average. The Buck of the Month is Mo Williams, who is having a steady, very good season. He has not had an extended streak of bad games all year. Michael Redd turned himself around after a slumping January. Desmond Mason continues to shine... he's comeback from the depths of productivity for the Hornets to be an average producer for the Bucks. Yi Jianlian continues to struggle... although he tripled his "good game" output from last month. Still, the decision to give the bulk of minutes at power forward to Charlie Villanueva was correct... even though he's the epitome of a boom or bust player... he's either outstanding or terrible, depending on the night. Coach K has finally figured out that Ruffin and Voskuhl are a collective waste of time. If he could only figure out the same for Royal Ivey, we might make the playoffs.


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