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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Possible Redd trade scenarios

I spent the weekend trying to come up with a sensible Redd trade scenario. I came up with a few ideas. They might not knock anyone's socks off, but I'm going to lay them on you anyway.

First, here's my starting point. Michael Redd is both a "reliable scorer" and a slightly above average win producer. If we trade him, we almost have to get scoring back. The Bucks are paper thin when it comes to scoring... and that's with Redd shouldering the bulk of the load. So, in order to break even on any deal we need a reliable scorer who can also produce wins at around Redd's rate. In order to actually improve the team as a result of trading Michael Redd, we would need to get a scorer who can out Win Produce Redd, or a similar scorer and a throw-in Win Producer.

That's a difficult nut. Scoring is expensive, and guys who score as well as Redd and produce more wins than him are named Kobe or Amare or LeBron or Boozer. So it was hard to come up with anything advantageous to the Green and Red. But I tried.

!. LA Clippers: Corey Maggette and Cuttino Mobley
This season Maggette is scoring at a greater rate than Redd, and he is just behind Redd for career scoring rate. Plus, the two have about the same Win Production numbers, so this trade would be a virtual wash. (I'm ignoring the logistics for now. I spent a half hour on the RealGM trade checker and ended up with a headache.) And the Clippers would probably jump at pairing Redd with Elton Brand. I think the deal works if you throw Cuttino Mobley in with Maggette. The trade doesn't particularly excite me, though. The Bucks become different, but probably not better.

2. Memphis Grizzlies: Mike Miller and others
Miller is not the scorer Redd is, but he is a vastly superior Win Producer. And, if asked, I think he could provide scoring. Plus, he's got unbelievable "basketball height". Did you know his standing reach is greater than most centers? As for the logistics, I didn't even trade check this one. (I just thought of it a minute ago).

3. Sacramento Kings: Kevin Martin and others
This is basically a dream trade, because it would be almost impossible to pull off under the CBA. Besides which, why would the Kings want to do it? They would be giving the Bucks a superior scorer and a superior Win Producer... basically a younger, better version of Redd. The Kings would have to be stupid to do it.

4. Washington Bullets: Caron Butler and Antonio Daniels
This would be my personal favorite. First, it works under the CBA. Second, the Bullets are thin at the 2 so they might go for it. Third, Butler is from Wisconsin and Daniels will be expendable once Arenas gets back. Those are the good points. The bad point is that neither player provides anywhere near the scoring of Redd. So the Bucks will be short point production. But, if you can somehow shore that up with a different move, you would get two both players who are much better Win Producers than Redd... so the team will improve. I envision Daniels at the point, Butler as a big 2, Yi moves to the 3, we draft a rugged, rebounding power forward like Mike Love or the guy from Florida, and then we bring Mo off the bench to play the Vinnie Johnson role... the microwave.

Those are the only trades I could come up with for now.


At May 31, 2008 at 1:03 PM, Anonymous Adam Johnson said...

I don't think the "Wizards" (not Bullets) would do that. Caron Butler is close to Redd in scoring, plus he is their physical and emotional leader. And don't you mean "Kevin" Love.


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