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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Top Ten All-time Milwaukee Bucks

They are currently soliciting votes on Bucks.com for the team's 40th Anniversary All-Bucks team. To commemorate the occasion, I did a Win Score analysis of every prominent Buck I could remember. I've been working on it, and promising it, for quite some time. Its not in any alphabetical order... I just added Bucks as I thought of them.

And here is my resulting list of Top Ten Milwaukee Bucks of All-Time, according to their "Win Contribution" in a Bucks uniform:

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
2. Marques Johnson
3. Sidney Moncrief
4. Oscar Robertson
5. Ray Allen
6. Sam Cassell
7. Michael Redd
8. Ervin Johnson
9. Bobby Dandridge
10. Paul Pressey


Several retired jerseys did not make the list (Lanier, Bridgeman, McGlocklin, Winters) because either their contributions were made way past their prime or they simply weren't as valuable as commonly believed... I may have been unfair to Paul Pressey, he played PG on offense and, as I recall, SF on defense, but I evaluated him as a SF with Moncrief as the SG, and his Win Contribution suffered as a result... The Bucks have never really had a great PF... Terry Cummings comes to mind, but I came to find out he was more of a SF playing PF, and thus he didn't add that many wins to the team... In fact, when they collapsed in the late 90s it was almost solely because he stopped rebounding... Ervin Johnson is the most underappreciated Buck of all time, his hardhat work contributed wins to the team than any other center with the exception of Jabbar... Why the hell isn't Marques Johnson's number retired? He was the No.2 All-time Buck, and it really wasn't close... He had a monster rookie year that almost equaled Kareem's... I don't know if I was unfair to Johnny Mac and Brian Winters... Those two came along during the "Gail Goodrich" era, when teams thought it was useful to have a white boy at SG who did nothing other than shoot the ball... And I mean absolutely nothing... Why did we ever trade Ray Allen?... By the way, Bobby Dandridge was a pretty good Win Contributor during the regular season, but he is one of the all-time great postseason players... He and Kareem basically carried the Bucks to within inches of the 1974 World Championship... Those two had monster numbers while no one else on the team contributed anything but turnovers.

Footnote: What the hell am I talking about? Marques Johnson's rookie year surpassed Kareem's (according to me)... believe it or not... Maybe I should review my own work more often... by the way, if you want any additions (Alton "High Rise" Lister, anyone?), let me know... And finally, I will respond to the comments from past postings in the next day or two. They are all excellent.


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