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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who'd you talk to Oscar?

In Saturday morning's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Bucks great Oscar Robertson was asked his opinion of the Association's mandatory minimum age requirement for entry. The Big O said he checked with some attorneys about it and they told him it was illegal.

No disrespect to the Bucks only No. 1, but next time he talks to the law firm of Hutz & Associates, he ought to have them review Maurice Clarett v. NFL.

Its pretty well-settled that the "terms and conditions" of employment -- including minimum age requirements -- are subject to collective bargaining, and that any agreement covering those matters resulting from such bargaining is exempt from antitrust regulation and can be made to cover those who "seek to become part of the bargaining unit". In other words, high schoolers who want to play in the NBA. So the age restriction is not illegal, so long as the NBA Players Association agrees to it as part of the CBA, and they have.

I'm not saying that's right, I'm just saying at the moment it is.

The PVOA System... not bad

For the first time in a long, long time, I am having a successful run picking the NCAA tournament. I have now correctly selected 44 of a possible, what is it, 58, using the Point Value over Average method? Not bad... not Danny Sheridan by any means, but not bad. In my pool, or the pool I'm participating in, I am first in correct picks and first in "Best Correct".

(Maddeningly, however, I have virtually no chance to win because of some chinese weighting methods the pool operator chose to employ. They are so bizarre and irrational, a guy who has Tennessee in the Championship Game has already virtually salted away the money.

Next year I'll read the rules a bit more carefully before I make my picks. Or at least I'll read them. I accidentally got into this pool thinking it was my usual pool... in which case standard weighting rules applied. Instead I'm in some pool run by some Bozo out of this company's Chicago office. Had I been in the usual pool I would be on the verge of swimming in dough. Damnit. Hope you all are doing better.)

Is that Kareem and Oscar's son?

Did anybody else think that Friday night's Kareem bobblehead giveaway actually looked like Oscar Robertson with some superimposed Lew Alcindor pork chops? I don't know, maybe its just me.

Mixing Greats with Not-Greats

The Milwaukee Bucks 40th anniversary team lumped Bucks superstars Marques Johnson and Bobby Dandridge in with the likes of Vin Baker and Big Dog Robinson. I feel like they unneccesarily watered the team down.

Mo CAN shoot, Redd not so good

For what its worth, 82games.com reports that Mo Williams is amongst the top few two point jump shooters in the NBA. Interestingly, Minnesota's Rashaad McCants is a better shooter in every category than Redd. Of course, McCants does nothing else productive, unless you're looking at things from the opposition's point of view, in which case he does produce a lot of turnovers.

Can the last one out at the BC please get the lights?

This probably hasn't been the worst campaign in Bucks history, but it certainly has to be one of the most boring and, for lack of a better term, depressing. The Bucks just never got it going, or even threatened to get it going, all season long. And so, the season just kind of drifted past... marked only by the too frequent road blowouts.


At March 31, 2008 at 6:00 PM, Anonymous paulpressey25 said...

I always like it when Henry Aaron or the Oscar start chiming off....

You can tell those guys always are still frustrated at both the racial inequality they faced at the time along with the fact they didn't make the cash today's players do.

The Big O was right on about Chris Paul. He's got to get the MVP if Nash could get it.


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