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Friday, April 11, 2008

Breaking Bucks News: Kohl to left and DEEP!!!

It appears as though Senator Kohl has hit one out of the park on behalf of your Milwaukee Bucks.
The Bucks owner has somehow hired a serious, respected... highly sought-after!!... basketball managerial talent to take over the Green and Red. In Detroit Pistons consigliere John Hammond, he appears to have delivered what Bucks Diary and other called for... a basketball facsimile of Ron Wolf.

If Hammond is all he is reputed to be, it looks as though a new day has dawned in BucksNation, and no one is more ecstatic than your friendly neighborhood Bucks blogger. And I guarantee he has been given full dictatorial control over BucksNation, or he would not have come. We may be getting serious again.

I am efforting the boys who write Detroitbadboys to see if I can get a first hand opinion on Hammond. If I can just remember what I did with their email address.

Until then, as Eddie Doucette used to say in the Bucks heyday, "Oh, Baby! What a play!"


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