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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Could you hear the horn, Ramondo?

I doubt anyone caught it, but what a finish the other night in Washington for the Milwaukee Bucks. A furious comeback, on the road, against a team that thrashed the Bucks at home earlier in the season. Very satisfying.

Also very satisfying was the play of one Ramon "The Waterbug" Sessions. I think we may have something here. He hasn't shot the ball well, but he's played with energy and desire... and hey, outside of Bogut, who else can you say that about?

Did you see the way he beat Antonio Daniels to the basketball to set up the last second win? Daniels looked certifiably startled. That simple display of "want to" ranks as one of my favorite moments of this lousy Bucks season.

And then how about that "Homer Drew" play drawn up by Coach K? That was some brass, my friends. A misdirect to a rookie with only 1 and change on the clock? I love it. And having the chutzpah to sit Mo Williams in favor of the more productive youngster? I doubly love it.

Coach K is seriously growing on me. Unless there is a big name veteran coach on deck, I wouldn't be in favor of firing him. As Professor Berri has basically argued, Red Auerbach himself couldn't coax a winning season out of this roster. Coach K works hard and deserves a fair shake.

Unless... come to think of it, the one guy out there who might be the kind of "culture changer" we need is Scott Skiles. He's a stormtrooper, for sure, but that's probably what we need. And I would bet he would keep K on staff, so I like that.

By the way, I calculated and Ramon Sessions has a Defensive Win Score of -2.32 (minus is good) and an Offensive Win Score of +0.75 (plus is good), and he hasn't come close to finding his shot yet. Good start, young fella.


At April 5, 2008 at 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your blog! And I did happen to catch the Wash. game the other night - your statement that we just might have something with Ramon is right on I think! His defense has been stallar thus far on the opposing pg (his offense will come along - he lit the D League up, granted its the D league but 20+ ppg is nothing to scoff at).

In regards to your other post today it's interesting that I get 90% of my Bucks news from blogs (yours, Brehoop and The Bratwurst) and I'm not alone. It just shows you that just because someone earns a paycheck reporting the news doesn't necessarily mean the news they are reporting will be quality or even true! Hats off to your work!!!

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