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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Peg your Pants! "Super Star Wars II" is on!

The Packers without a reliable quarterback? Indiana Jones in the theaters? People seen pegging their pants? Now the Lakers are playing the Celtics in the NBA Finals? I feel as though I'm living Back to the Future II in reverse! And I'm sort of psyched about it.

Generally, if the media is pulling for one particular matchup, particularly if they are babbling about how good that matchup would be for the particular sport, I purposely pull for whatever alternative matchups exist. I hate when the media does that. In my opinion, the two teams who should compete for any given championship are the two teams who fulfilled the qualtifications for getting there... whether those teams hail from New York and Los Angeles or West Palooka and Nome, Alaska.

But in this case, nostalgia got the better of me and I have to admit that I too was pulling for Boston-Los Angeles. Not because it was good for the NBA's ratings, I have no concern whatsoever for that. Because of the history and the memories, I guess. The great memories.

Well, now its on. Lets see if it can live up to the gigantic examples of the past. It probably won't. You can't go home again, Biff.


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