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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The tired old Lottery and some other tired things about the Association

You know how excited I was for tonight's lottery? I did some work instead. And, surprise, the Bucks fell a spot. What a joke.

The whole concept of the lottery is getting on my nerves. Its a gimmick that's gotten extremely tired and needs to be put to rest, like so many other things in the modern NBA. Go back to the old coin flip. It served the Association just fine for 15 or so years, and its a hell of a lot more fair than the lottery farce. So get rid of it, David Stern. And while you're at it, please also eliminate the following:

1) The Dunk Contest, I haven't watched one single dunk contest since Dee Brown pumped up his shoes, and I don't intend to again;
2) The 3 Point contest, have not watched since Bird;
3) Any kind of contest associated with All-Star weekend;
4) Having player's appear on the scoreboard to urge the crowd to make noise;
5) The faux Chicago Bulls introductions every single damn team does before every single damn game;
6) the T-Shirt Gun -- the gun doesn't even reach the real fans in most arenas;
7) Coaches using the phrase "energy," or blaming losses on the team's failure to "compete" or failure to "execute" or any other damn cliche that has absolutely no explanatory meaning whatsoever;
8) blaring rock music at every NBA arena instead of playing the jazzified sound of Streetlife or just a simple organ;
9) wildly overvaluing guys who are athletic but, ooops, can't play a lick of basketball...

I could go on all night. But I still love the NBA.


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