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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 NBA Draft Preview: The "Mixed Bag" Prospects

This is the second part of my NBA Draft preview. Yesterday I discussed the overrated prospects. Those were guys who were, by and large, underproductive in college, but yet are still somehow highly regarded across the internet draft boards. I don't expect those prospects to pan out.

Today's prospects are what I call "mixed bags". They all look good in some way, but have one or more lingering question marks about them that still make them risky investments to me. Unlike yesterday's prospects, though, I believe some of these guys could very well exceed expectations, if the lingering doubts I point out are satisfactorily answered.


I used the same methodology in evaluating these prospects that I used in yesterday's post, meaning I evaluated each prospect's performance using the Win Contribution metric (What is Win Contribution and how do you interpret it?) and came up with a season average as well as an average compiled during the 10 games each played against the 10 toughest defensive opponents on their schedules. I also looked at each prospect's size and strength as recorded at the Orlando predraft camp (if they went to Orlando).

Tomorrow or later today I will have a list of "Underrated Prospects" for you. Those will be prospects who are down a way on everybody's draft boards, but whose profile suggests they can be Win Contributors (some of them huge Win Contributors) at the next level. Finally I'll finish out my previews by listing the 3 "Sure Fire Prospects" in this draft and why I consider each of them guaranteed Win Contributors. Any prospects I ultimately don't mention at all I either overlooked or will have decided they were not worth mentioning.

Anyway, here's today's list:

The Mixed Bag Prospects (click on each player's name to read their individual evaluations)


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