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Monday, June 30, 2008

Jefferson struggled with secondary production

If Richard Jefferson wants to get back to being the Win Contributor he was three seasons ago, he needs to improve his defense and get back to hitting the boards.

As I established in the last post, Jefferson's scoring numbers actually increased in every meaningful way over the last season. He was a better shooter, scorer, efficient scorer, free thrower, basket attacker, etc. He has no problem there. What's been slipping from his offensive game is his rebounding. That's tailed off quite a bit in the last two seasons, and has been primarily responsible for his diminished offensive Win Contribution.

As you can see from the chart, Jefferson was below average last season in rebounding, steals, blocked shots, and turnovers. All of which led to him being well below average in Win Score.

The good news is it appears from his career numbers that he is better than he showed last year in all of the deficient areas. If he can shore those things up, and still maintain his improved scoring numbers, he should do the Bucks a lot of good next season.


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