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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pregame notes and a predicted score

I'm going with a Game One predicted score of:

Boston 98
LA 92

Just a guess. I'm excited to finally get this thing on. Couple of notes:

... This is a must game for the Celtics. They probably don't have much room for error. They can't come out flat like they did in Game One of the Cleveland series.

... Even though the numbers say Los Angeles will most likely win the series, I still think some of the key matchups tilt toward Boston. Can they exploit them?

... Ray Allen must come up big. If he doesn't, its the Purple and Gold who will get the gold ball.

... I look for Kobe to be assertive from minute one. Of all the stars on the floor, he's the one with Finals experience, and I bet he looks to show it. I expect at least 15 first half shots.

... One thing the Celts might like about this matchup -- the Lakers interior defense will be, statistically, the weakest they have seen in the postseason, allowing nearly 54.3% FG on "close" shots, according to 82games.com. Garnett cannot be shy.


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