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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thoughts on Alexander, the draft

I've been doing that analysis of the Jefferson-Yi trade and have missed half the draft. Plus Google Docs is pissing me off its so damn slow. Sorry about how the Win Chart looks, but I think the information is interesting nevertheless.

Let's see, my thoughts so far. Well, for the first time ever I agree wholeheartedly with Dick Vitale. Things would have been looking up big time for the Sonics had they selected Kevin Love. Instead they go for the overrated Russell Westbrook. That guy won't help. Huge mistake by Seattle.

I guess the Bucks took the best guy available to them. The big question with Joe Alexander is: Does he finally get it? The reason I ask that is, he improved his numbers from his sophomore to his junior seasons because he ditched the three point shooting and moved his game closer to the basket. Was that a permanent change or will the big boys in the NBA scare him back outside? That's the question. He definitely has the power and the explosiveness to play inside. The question is whether he has the will.

Also, I was a little bit discouraged by his poor performances against the better defenses he faced. If you click on my "Mixed Bag" post, you will see that his worst games tended to come against the better defenses. Is that a bad omen? I don't know.

Other Random Thoughts

- the NBA talent scouts had more sense than Draftexpress or Nbadraft.net. Bayless and Randolph were high on each of those sites mock boards all season, but neither ended up in the top ten.

-- the best draft days being had thus far are being had by the Heat and the Grizzlies. Old Riles was playing possum with us, that sly fox. He made noises like he wanted Mayo over Beasley but that made no sense at all.

-- the Timberwolves should have selected Kevin Love. He and Al Jefferson would have made a huge Win Contribution front line. Wow, they missed a big opportunity there. By selecting Mayo, they've basically cornered the market on overrated perimeter players (Telfair, Mayo, Brewer, McCants)

-- Has Jay Bilas lost his mind? He seems like a smart guy, but everything out of his mouth regarding NBA prospects is stupid. He just called that stiff Koufus a good player, and he is one of those annoying guys who way overrates "athleticism". Why not draft some decathletes instead of basketball players then?

My proposed word addition to m-w.com:

-- "Upside" , noun
1. A quality which, if sought after, tends to gets coaches and general managers fired.

-- Bilas just said he loves Koufus again. He's proof that a nice suit and a good degree does not necessarily make you smart.

-- New Jersey just made the pick of the draft: Ryan Anderson. Remember that name. He will be the steal of the draft. He is a Win Contributor extraordinaire.


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