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Friday, July 04, 2008

The 0.3 rule vindicated... sort of

I meant to post this little nugget the other day but forgot. Let me make amends.

On the interesting FoxSportsChannel program "The Science of Sports", Jason Kapono "caught and shot" an inbounds pass in only 0.22 seconds. His trick was to, essentially, catch the ball and shoot it all in one fluid motion.

When he did it, I got excited. At first I yelled, as Homer Simpson yelled at Darryl Strawberry upon believing that he made the nuclear power plant softball team, "In your face, Stern! You were wrong all along!" But just as Homer had to eat his "facial" taunt of Strawberry a moment later when he learned that Wade Boggs had actually misinformed him that he made the team (Boggs thought Homer was Ken Griffey Jr.), I had to eat my taunting of the Mahatma (The Great One) when I remembered that NBA clocks don't record to the hundredth of a second.

So, in fact, Stern's 0.3 rule technically stands because the fastest recordable time for a plausible "catch and shoot" is still 0.3 seconds.


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