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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sessions making a statement

While some of the Bucks rooks aren't looking so hot, there's a returning second year man who's pulling a "Michael Redd" (a bench guy who uses the summer league platform to showcase what he can do).

Sessions has been outstanding. His WS over the first two games is 10.3. His Win Contribution is a sterling +1.223.

What really catches my eye is Sessions phenomenal urge to attack the basket. I love that quality in a point guard. Sessions FTA/FGA or "Basket Attack" % is actually upside down... he has quite a few more free throws than he has field goal attempts (which indicates a rare relentlessness).

Compare that to the Bucks regular PG Mo Williams. If I remember correctly, we were all marveling at Williams inability to get to the foul line at all early last year. Didn't it take him several games just to get his first free throw attempt?

If I could nitpick on Sessions just a tiny bit... I want him to control his turnovers at bit better. 9 in 57 minutes is about triple the NBA average, so he needs to focus on that.

With that said, he's been awesome and looks like he could be an asset to the Bucks in the winter.


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