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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer League Report: Beasley misses the mark

Orlando Summer League, Day 2
Miami Heat vs New Jersey Nets

Miami Heat

Michael Beasley forgot his range finder today. 1 for 13 he went! Don't you stop shooting at some point? A good sign, though, he stayed on the boards. But he turned the ball over five times. Unforgivable. As a result, his Win Score was a forgettable -21.7, and his Win Contribution was a painful -2.441. Ouch. Worst so far this summer.

Meanwhile PG Mario Chalmers had another brilliant day, finishing with a Win Score of +4.0 and a Win Contribution of +0.550. He looks like a comer.

New Jersey Nets

Another great day for Ryan Anderson of California. While its difficult to say what positional mix he played, I estimate his Win Score at +8.5, and his Win Contribution at around +0.743. He just looks like a good player. He goes to the boards well for a guy who isn't all that buff.

Terrific bounceback game for Mario Lopez. He rebounded very well and thoroughly outplayed his highly regarded counterpart Michael Beasley. He was 8-for-10 with 7 rebounds in only 19 minutes. His Win Score was around +11.7, and his Win Contribution projects toward the high numbers: +0.975. Good rebuttal, Mario.

I'm not understanding Chris Douglas Roberts. Yesterday he had an active but fairly counterproductive day. Today he must have just drifted around and thought about life back in Memphis. In nearly 34 minutes of action, he grabbed one measly rebound, took three shots, and turned the ball over 4 times. Is he out of shape? What's going on? He's better than that. His Win Score for the game was -9.9, and his Win Contribution projects to a ghastly -1.382. If he doesn't show a pulse, he's going to spend his rookie year on the pine, passed by for players like Ryan Anderson.


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