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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer League Report: Brook Lopez grabs ZERO rebounds

Note: This summer I am going to be evaluating the Summer League performances turned in by the prospects I analyzed in the runup to this year's NBA Draft. This post involves an Orlando League game between the New Jersey Nets and the Orlando Magic.

This game was chock full of guys I analyzed prior to the NBA Draft. Lets start with Brook Lopez... I need a good laugh.

Lopez, whom I worried about because he didn't rebound and wasn't tough, grabbed ZERO REBOUNDS! By standing reach, he was probably the tallest guy on the court and he couldn't pull down any rebounds. And, true to his assinine "I can't wait to show my outside skills" comment prior to the draft, Lopez shot the ball 10 times and got to the foul line just once. That will never, ever do. Somebody better straighten him out before its too late. His Win Score for the game was -14.4, and his Win Contribution was -1.200.

Meanwhile, Ryan Anderson, a player I loved (even more so if he played small forward, which he did not in this game), had a very nice debut, recording a Win Score of +3.2, and a solid Win Contribution of +0.286.

Another player I liked going into the draft, Chris Douglas-Roberts, had a superficially nice game, but by Win Score standards it was a subpar -3.0. Its not that he really did anything wrong, he just didn't do enough right. He scored 15 points, but he used up 14.5 possessions to get those points. Then, he grabbed 5 boards and had 2 steals, but he offset that a little with 3 turnovers and 3 personal fouls. Thus, his Win Contribution projected to a below par -0.375.

On the Orlando side, the only guy I really looked at prior to the draft was Courtney Lee, and I believe I called him a "mixed bag". He put up nice numbers, but I just felt that should have been "nicer" given his utter lack of competition.

His debut Win Score was a pretty rough looking -7.1. He didn't show much inclination to rebound, he turned the ball over too much, and didn't pass much either. His Win Contribution projected to a miserable -0.946.

So, in the Orlando-New Jersey game, 3 subpar debuts and one nice one for my boy Ryan Anderson.


At July 15, 2008 at 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Care to rethink your thoughts on Brook Lopez?


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