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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer League Report: Derrick Rose does well

Orlando Summer League
Day 2
Chicago 89, Indiana 84

Player Rundown

Derrick Rose, Bulls : (WS: +3.8; WC: +0.459) Rose came back nicely from a rough first game. His play and Beasley's abysmal play should teach me to hold back on judgments, though I don't think I drew any sweeping conclusions yesterday. Anyway, Rose did all the little things that teams need today and didn't turn it over as much, and that led to a Win Score of +3.8, and a Win Contribution projected at +0.459. His shooting was still poor at 2 for 9, but he ripped down 6 rebounds, had 7 "dimes" (sorry), and took 3 steals. That shows how you contribute to a win when your offense is clanking.

I guess Rose was the only prominent rookie on either team, so this is a short post.


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