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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer League Report: Is Kevin Durant back?

Orlando Summer League
Day 2
OKC 100, Orlando 77

Kevin Durant, OKC (WS: +16.6; WC: +1.902): Last season, no player baffled Win Score analysis more than Kevin Durant. Looking at his college numbers, he should have been much more productive. He actually had a subpar rookie season. I think part of the reason was the "soft" mentality the radical switch to SG imparted within him. He no longer wanted to rebound, it was all "bombs away" volume scoring. The kind that doesn't add many wins to many teams, and it didn't for Seattle. Well yesterday Durant surprised everyone by showing up at Summer League, and playing like Kevin Durant... at TEXAS! Durant rang up a magnificent game in every way, coming up with an adjusted Win Score closer to his fantastic college numbers, +16.6. Of course, his Win Contribution was stratospheric as well, +1.902. Keep it up, Kevin. That's the guy we all thought we were getting out of college.

DJ White, OKC (WS: -1.8; WC: -0.172): White's WC numbers are slightly distorted because he played out of position at center. Still, he's not producing like I expected him to produce. Specifically he's not grabbing rebounds at the rate I expected, although he was certainly better today at 0.213 per minute, but that's still subpar for a power player. They ought to grab about one every four minutes at a minimum.

Russell Westbrook, OKC (WS: +16.1; WC: +1.610): This bud, by contrast, continues to stun me. He's dominating, whereas in college he couldn't get much done at all. Thus far in this summer league he has been nothing short of spectacular. Can't explain it yet, maybe it was UCLA's scheme. We'll see, its Day 2.

Courtney Lee, Orlando (WS: +4.8; WC: +0.660): I'm starting to think this may just be a really crappy summer league. It appears that defense is totally optional. When does the Vegas League begin?


At July 13, 2008 at 10:57 AM, Blogger Erich said...

Excellent recap of the summer league action.

While I'm not a big Westbrook fan, if his addition gets Durant more frontcourt minutes and more rebounds, the ex-Sonics could look much better in the coming years.


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