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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are the Bucks trying NOT to sell tickets?

I'm not going to analyze the Bucks Mo Williams trade because its not worth analyzing. They got rid of a defenseless point guard and picked up a pointless point guard, a big mouth retread, and a nobody. Nothing worth getting excited about in other words.

And thats the point of this post. Other than Scott Skiles, there's really been nothing worth getting excited about in BucksNation lately. They're really making my job as a Bucks blogger extra difficult. Let me illustrate with a little story.

I went to meet the ex-GF last night at a little dive bar on the corner of Milwaukee street and St Paul called MJ's (I won't get into that Ex-GF part of the story right now-- I'll blog about that at a later date -- for right now I'll just say it was pleasant but dont read into that).

Anyway, the point of this post is this -- the place was covered wall to wall in Brewer material. I said to the bartender "I like the Brew Crew stuff, but how about some love for my beloved Milwaukee Bucks??"

He replied "Ha, nobody likes the Bucks anymore, pal. In fact, nobody likes the NBA anymore."

Sad, but probably true. And this place, for those of you who know Milwaukee geography, is much closer to the Bradley Center than it is to Miller Park.

So, I seem to be a lonely voice in the wilderness, crying out my love for Bucks basketball. I wont shut up. But they could help out some... thats for sure. And trading for Luke Ridnour, Adrian Nobody, and a guy who goes on ESPN and proudly professes to be Terrell Owens BFF doesn't help my job any either, just so you know, Mr. Hammond.


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